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Ritual Facials

Somatic Journeys

Janine Cook ~ j9 the Angel

I offer Ritual Facials and Somatic-based Alchemical Healing sessions with Energy Work. My treatments are the culmination of my years of study, my callings, and my tools include Somatic Coaching, Egyptian Sekhem energy healing, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, and connection to the Egyptian Neteru and Ascended Masters for guidance and channelled healing.

I am passionate about creating a safe and relaxing space where I can help you connect with the wisdom of your body and rediscover your inner essence to dissolve the blocks that are keeping you from living with the pleasure and richness you deserve! Click the button below to read my story about what led me down the path of personal alchemy.

If you don't see an opening that works for you, please contact me! 



I do breathwork to release trapped energy and explore areas of inquiry. The sessions typically reveal a clarity that serves as a compass for my healing journey. In working with Janine, I felt absolutely safe, at ease, and open to whatever my internal universe had in store for me. She asked thoughtful questions in preparation and reflected my answers back to me during the ceremony with her sensitive interpretation and insightful expertise. The session dynamic with Janine was adventurous, fun, wild, spicy, and powerful. If you are looking to get vulnerable and discharge stuck energy to reveal answers within, Janine will guide you expertly through this potent and transformative practice.

K.S. - Petaluma, CA


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