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I am honored to serve my community and introduce the Temple Arts to those who seek healing, and want to add intention and ritual into their lives. 

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The Priestess Path of Alchemy

I was at the end of a 9+ year marriage, I was cut-off from my truth, my body, my sensation, my spark…all felt lost to me. I desperately needed to reconnect with my essence. I found the Jade Egg and dedicated myself to it’s practice. It opened up new channels of sensation, and transformed how I related to myself. I began to feel energy in my body, and through continuous and various practices over the following several years, with a newfound spiritual practice all of the other tools I share in my work, I now experience embodied bliss that I never thought possible.


At that pivotal time, I met Kim Quinones, ( an intuitive guide, who showed up in divine timing. She helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life, and rekindled my relationship with spirit. I had always felt like I wanted to be connected to source, but never dedicated myself. Now I was joining regular meditation group calls and getting back into my body, and also soaring into the ethers like I never had. During this time I developed a relationship with the Goddess Isis, who remains by my side guiding me and reminding me that I am a well-spring of love, never-ending and a High Priestess of Egypt. I did many private sessions with Kim throughout the next few months and expanded my skills even further. I'm honored to call her my friend and recommend her services highly. 


I also re-kindled my passion for playing again as a club DJ and took my music to new heights. I feel totally in my power when I play, and people tell me constantly how much my art has helped them get though hard times, helped them move, forget, remember...all manner of wonderful and transformative things. I recorded vocals for a track that charted at #85 on the Breakbeat chart and that was a big accomplishment for me. Something I’ve always dreamed of! Although it's less of a focus now after covid, I continue to DJ and use music as a tool for transformation, and I love to sing and explore my voice as a portal for freedom and expression.


I then started my journey of training, rediscovering my hidden gifts and talents, from this life and others. Each step uncovered new things, and took me in new directions. Each practice releasing past pain that was stored in my body and transmuting it to spaciousness and clarity. This is the power of Alchemy. I now know that I belong firmly on the Priestess Path. A lifelong connection and affinity to Ancient Egypt and its Gods, Goddesses, practices, and sacred mysteries was finally coalescing. I began my studies in Egyptian Sekhem Energy Healing last year, and it’s been so beautiful and potent. After a year of chronic illness due to two mold exposures and one surgery, I experienced a Shamanic Death and Rebirth which put me firmly on the path of change as my career takes a whole new direction from Hairstylist and Esthetician in the salon environment to healing and ritual as an new entrepreneur. 


As I see the next chapter of my life on the horizon, and hold deep reverence and appreciation for where I’ve been and what I’ve accomplished, I am ready and present to help other women feel seen, supported and elevated so they can transform their lives in the same way.


Let's connect!


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